Ny name is Ingrid Sylvander and I have a small breeding in southeast of Sweden in a little town called Nybro. My breeding name is Qimmipek´s.
It´s a small cageless cattery and the cats livs ”family lifes” with me and my fiance in a large house with a big catgarden. They all are raised with much love and care. I´m specialized in chinchilla and Black silver shaded persiens. My goal is to produce healty, happy kittens with nice temperaments and sweet open expression. I only breed two-tree litters a year and kittens will be availble from time to time for carefylly selected homes only. I hope that you will enjoy your visit on my homepage, and please don´t hesitate to contact me for further information

Ingrid Sylvander, Stallvägen 11, 382 94 Nybro. * Tlf 46 481-51515 * 070-3032940 * mail * homepage