"My name is Tina Wantling and I am the founder of S'Ogopogo's. This is a small cageless cattery, specialized in silver- and golden persians, chinchilla in particular. I live together with my cats and two afghan hounds in a house in the country side, about 15 kilometres south of Gothenburg.
All cats and dogs live "family lifes" and run freely in the house. They also have the possibility to go outside whenever wanted, into a terass and fenced garden.
The main objective for S*Ogopogo's is to breed healthy, wellbuildt persians with good type (still with the typical "chinchilla look" - large green eyes and an open expression!) and of course, a nice temper! "

Tina Wantling. Risåsbacke 778. Kållered 42834 Sweden * Ph: +46 31 7950626 * mail * homepage