The prefix Chimel´s was registred in the summer 1982, and the first litter were born in december 1982. Me, the owner behind this prefix is Carina Antonsson. I live in Toreboda, which is a small town between the two great lakes Vaenern and Vaettern, in Sweden. I live together with my fiance Fredrik and my daughters Emma and Matilda, in a large house with garden.

Since the very beginning of my breeding I have been in love with chinchilla, shaded silvers and goldens. And since many years I also have been very interested in tabbies and these colours along with the chinchilla/shaded silver I try to produce both in longhair and shorthair version.

Carina Antonsson. Vadsbogatan 26, S-541 31 Toreboda. Sweden * Ph: +46 506-106 82 * mail * homepage